Meet Us

Tekno, guided by the motorcycle industry leaders’ business operating strategies and relying on increasing demand at after sales markets on motorcycle spare parts and accessories, as well as demand of INNOVATED motorcycle accessories that complied to the modern age world market, Tekno ‘s journey to excellences is built together with a team of dynamic, reliable and vibrant group.

Due to 20 years of hard work and commitments, Tekno motorcycle parts & accessories are consistently being manufactured practicing the advance quality control and management system using at Wuyang Honda, Guangzhou Toyota and other Japanese funded corporations. To provide for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and reduction of variation and waste, Tekno have build the quality management system strictly according to the requirement of ISO/TS 16949 – ISO2001/2008.

The rapid growth in the demand of Tekno has resulted in additional needs for the company to expand its plant facilities.We will continue to build on our company’s strength by fulfilling customer needs through outstanding quality and superior service.

Continually Aim to increase customers satisfaction, we have improved and achieved three major products operating cores, namely :
1) Quality Assurance System,
2) Centralization Logistic System,
3) Modern Packaging System.

Targeted to ensure the quality and absolute guarantee of all products, we practice the most effective filtration system. Our sophisticated logistic flow system is established to assure the accuracy and in time delivery of orders. To achieve perfection from inside and out, we utilize the ERP system as platform to drive and enhance our product packaging system. Ensuring excellent quality and affordable products and services in this competitive business world,we practice the most scientific and rational management system.

Future prospects

  • Tekno plant opened with an area of 12,000 square meters

  • Increase production to double

  • Increase in sales center to 400 square meters of commercial space

  • Expanel warehouse space

  • Equipment unit factory machine tool to CNC tool

  • Increase the level of product quality through enhanced customer satisfaction index

  • Increase the quantity of the products and production

  • Increase training hours quality control personnel

  • Increase staff satisfaction and staff set

  • Capacity and commitment to create maximum satisfaction for customers Tekno